Rod Carew calls out LA Angels leadership while praising fans

Sep 8, 2021; Cooperstown, New York, USA; Rod Carew, LA Angels
Sep 8, 2021; Cooperstown, New York, USA; Rod Carew, LA Angels / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

LA Angel legend Rod Carew dropped some insane details on his relationship with the organization on Friday.

Twitter user 'RollieJonesJr' asked Carew about how he views his allegiance to the Angels, in comparison to his allegiance to the Twins. Carew responded with some very shocking comments about the Halos' leadership and how they are treating the great Carew:

This is eye-opening. Why would the Angels not be letting the outstanding Carew be a part of the team's current plans? He obviously knows a thing or two about baseball, and he's the type of energy a struggling franchise could use to improve the culture.

Not to mention, Carew could have major impacts specifically on player development, potentially. I'm not saying the Angels need to hire him as their hitting coach tomorrow, but I can't help but wonder how a player like Carew, who hit almost .330 in his career and recorded almost a .400 on-base percentage, would be able to impact this club.

The LA Angels appear to be banishing Rod Carew from the organization.

I have no reason to not believe the heroic Rod Carew. Why would he be lying about this? What would he have to gain?

It's not like he has a track record of being some sort of shady character; Carew's the true definition of a class act. And he was very straight and to the point, as well. He didn't sugarcoat anything.

It wasn't cryptic--Carew let us know how he feels. It's tough to decipher who is responsible for trying to keep Carew away from the team, but it appears that this all happened sometime after 1999. That's because Carew was a part of the coaching staff with the Angels from 1992 until then.

It's part of why this situation is so surprising. He coached the Angels longer than he coached with the other team he was on staff with (Milwaukee Brewers for two years). So not only did he play seven years for the Angels (six All-Star selections), but he was a huge part of our team after that.

Not anymore, it appears, as the first-ballot Baseball Hall of Famer aired out this secret that the Angels seem to be keeping. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, but what we know now is Carew's side of the story. Now it'll be interesting to see if Arte Moreno or someone else with the Angels organization will tell theirs.

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On the bright side, Carew of course did show love to the fans in his tweet, making it clear that he loves us just as much as Minnesota fans. That's great to hear, and shows that Carew has always felt the respect that we've had all this time for him.