3 free agents we're thankful the Angels didn't sign this offseason

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3) LA Angels rumors: Not even Corey Kluber would fix the back of this rotation

The Angels were reportedly interested in Corey Kluber to anchor the back end of the rotation. While everyone knew Kluber was at the end of the line, he's still a former Cy Young winner who some fans thought had something left in the tank.

Kluber had a healthy season in 2022 and while his 4.34 ERA is a tick higher than people would've liked, his 164 innings would've come in handy, especially for an Angels staff that is giving zero length now. The problem is, Kluber has been considerably worse than he was in 2022 while playing for the Red Sox.

The walks (1.2 BB/9 to 3.1 BB/9) are way up. The strikeouts (7.6 K/9 to 7.3 K/9) are down. The home runs (1.1 HR/9 to 2.4 HR/9) are way up. As a result, Corey Kluber has a 6.29 ERA in his first seven starts and 34.1 innings pitched. He's completed six innings just once, and looks completely cooked on the mound.

The Angels have their own issues at the back of their rotation with Jose Suarez not offering a ton of hope there, but I'd rather watch him than Kluber at this rate.

Kluber signed a one-year deal with Boston worth $10 million. It would've been nice for the Angels to sign another starter, but the two-time Cy Young award winner would've been a big mistake.

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