Mark Gubicza needs LA Angels to be cautious if trading Jo Adell or Brandon Marsh

Aug 15, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA;  Jo Adell, Brandon Marsh, LA Angels
Aug 15, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Jo Adell, Brandon Marsh, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels are rumored to be going after some standout starting arms this offseason in the trade market, but that means that the Halos may have to trade Brandon Marsh or Jo Adell.

It's a complicated situation there, as the Halos have missed the playoffs for seven straight years mostly due to a lack of consistent starting pitching, but have two great young prospects in Marsh and Adell who have so much promise. Adell came up to the Big Leagues for the second time last year and drove in an impressive 26 runs in just 35 games, showed drastic improvement on defense, and cut down on the strikeouts. Marsh showed terrific defense, and was able to gain 70 games of Big League experience to get adjusted to the pitchers at the next level.

Speaking with LA Angels color analyst Mark Gubicza, I can tell he's a huge fan of both.

Mark Gubicza wants the LA Angels to be cautious in who they deal Jo Adell or Brandon Marsh for.

As far as Jo Adell goes, Mark Gubicza is just as conflicted as I am. The LA Angels have been developing Adell for quite some time, and are starting to really pull things together. It would be tough for me to see Adell go, and Gubicza agrees.

"It’s tough because I saw so many improvements in the game with Jo Adell last year, that it’s tough to even think about moving Jo," said Gubicza.

Gubicza didn't stop at Adell. He's not excited at the prospects of dumping Marsh either:

"I’ve got to know Brandon for a number of years, and have had great conversations with him. And to see him finally get a chance at the Major League level, to go out and play–and I mean he’s already an incredibly gifted outfielder, great eye at the plate, only got better as the season went along."

Mark Gubicza, LA Angels Color Analyst

It's true, as Marsh is projected to be our leadoff hitter next year, and there are even rumblings that he'll man center field and Mike Trout will move to right.

The most recent rumor surrounding Angels trade talks suggests that the Halos are interested in Luis Castillo, and that a prize like Castillo would force the Halos to have to deal Marsh.

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That's one of few realistic situations where Gubicza, or myself, would be cool with sending Marsh to another team. If he's not a young and consistent All-Star caliber arm like Castillo, trading Marsh very well may not be worth it.

"Unless you’re able to get someone like a Castillo; a younger arm that you’re going to have around for a while that has great upside, you don’t even have those conversations," said Gubicza.