Matt Harvey reveals troubling details about LA Angels past drug use at Eric Kay trial

Jul 18, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Matt Harvey, LA Angels
Jul 18, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Matt Harvey, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Eric Kay trial has been going on these past couple of weeks, and this trial around the former LA Angels Communications Director and his involvement in the tragic and untimely death of former Angels' pitcher Tyler Skaggs will continue.

During the trial, multiple former Angels testified about the situation, and the biggest and most notable was Matt Harvey. Harvey unfortunately exposed some dark secrets about the drug use in the organization, most notably relating to him, Skaggs, and Kay.

Harvey revealed that he had used Percocet in that 2019 season that Skaggs passed away during, and had shared with Skaggs. He revealed that he would share pills with Skaggs in the clubhouse, and that one of two drug sources for Skaggs was Kay himself. Harvey didn't stop Skaggs because he thought he was being a good teammate in the idea that he was helping Skaggs get through a long and grueling 162-game season.

He even described a situation where Skaggs asked him for a Percocet in 2019 so that he could be "loosey goosey" for his upcoming start. Another situation he described was asking Kay for oxycodone when he wasn't going with the team to the road trip where Skaggs tragically passed. He said that Kay put the pill in his locker, but Harvey didn't take it due to waking up and hearing about what happened to Skaggs.

Former LA Angels starting pitcher Matt Harvey said that he wasn't sure he ever saw Eric Kay give Tyler Skaggs pills.

Matt Harvey also said that he didn't think Tyler Skaggs was receiving pills when former LA Angels Communications Director Eric Kay was going to rehab in 2019.

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The government rested its case, and Kay is being charged with distributing opioids and causing Skaggs' death. The defense will start making its case today. This is unfortunately a complicated issue, but one that needs to be discussed so something tragic doesn't happen again.