Mets media throws major shade at LA Angels' SP Noah Syndergaard after brutal start

Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels
Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

LA Angels' SP Noah Syndergaard had a tough outing on Monday. He lasted just two thirds of an inning. Giving up four earned runs while walking a pair and surrendering four hits, it was Thor's worst start of the season. New York Mets media had fun with the result, with SNY posting this petty tweet after the start:

They are targeting Syndergaard after they got offended with him simply stating his feelings on the no-hitter vs. combined no-hitter debate. It's sad when seeing entire media outlets letting a professional athlete take residence in their heads when it was their team's fault he left in the first place.

Rent is expensive out in New York though, so Syndergaard will surely take the free rent. Syndergaard shouldn't, however, sweat over the rough start. It's just one bad start out of six, and it's important to remember that it's only his eighth start since returning from his UCL injury.

Recently, Ben Verlander of Fox Sports said on his Flippin' Bats podcast that pitchers don't regain their full velocity until three years after Tommy John surgery. Therefore, for Syndergaard to have a 3.60 ERA on the year and 3.50 FIP is plenty impressive just eight starts in after coming back from the injury.

Noah Syndergaard's start for the LA Angels on Monday is and will continue to be an outlier for the rest of the year.

Noah Syndergaard has posted a 3.94 ERA and 3.76 FIP after eight starts with the Mets and LA Angels since returning from his injury. Considering his velocity hasn't been there, it was about time he had a stinker. It was bound to happen eventually--his arm isn't fully there yet.

There's no need to panic over one poor start that should have been expected within his first eight starts after an injury that's supposed to ruin pitchers. Considering Syndergaard hasn't been ruined at all, it's safe to say that he's doing just fine.

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There's no reason to care what Mets media and fans have to say about it. They're upset that all their star pitchers are struggling with durability and that they could use Thor these days. Instead of taking a chance on Syndergaard, they went a different route and are now paying Max Scherzer $43 million to likely miss six to eight weeks. Of course they're not able to get Syndergaard off their minds.