LA Angels' Noah Syndergaard denies allegations he took savage no-hitter dig at Mets

Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels
Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After Reid Detmers' no-hitter on Tuesday, new LA Angels' starting pitcherNoah Syndergaard took to Instagram to address the greatness he just witnessed. Syndergaard appeared to potentially take a jab at the New York Mets, his former team, in the process:

Of course, the Mets' no-hitter that happened earlier in the season was a combined no-hitter. Detmers' was of course his own. Therefore, the thought is that Thor took a jab at the Mets by emphasizing that this no-no was a "real" one. Syndergaard, however, wants to set the record straight:

In fairness to Syndergaard, it is true that Mets media have been all over him since he came over to the Angels, even though he was actually fine with staying in New York originally. For an odd reason the New York media has attacked him ever since he signed with Anaheim, most notably famed radio broadcaster Mike Francesa.

It seems to be why Thor followed this tweet up with another where he not only trolled Mets fans, but took a shot at Richard Staff of Amazin' Avenue, the Mets' SB Nation publication. Syndergaard didn't hold back at someone who he appears to have had some sort of beef with:

Noah Syndergaard shares the popular opinion that Detmers' no-hitter was more impressive than a combined no-hitter.

Many people agree with Noah Syndergaard that a one-pitcher no-hitter is more impressive than a combined no-hitter. The starter goes the distance as opposed to having fresh arms come in and provide the extra assistance to finish a no-hitter. So, Thor felt this way regardless of whether the Mets had thrown a combined ho-hitter this year or not.

Regardless, it is interesting that many seem to think Syndergaard has the Mets on his mind. He's been doing incredibly well with his new club, and his Angels are in first place while tied with the second-most wins in the game.

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The team tied with the Angels is interestingly the Mets, which begs the question of why their fans and media are still so pressed about Syndergaard. Thor is obviously confused as well. It remains to be seen if these people can eventually get over losing Syndergaard.