Reid Detmers officially launches Rookie of the Year campaign with no-hitter

Reid Detmers, LA Angels
Reid Detmers, LA Angels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Reid Detmers just threw a no-hitter for the LA Angels on Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Rays. Nine innings, two strikeouts, one walk allowed, and no hits allowed. Detmers has officially launched his AL Rookie of the Year campaign, and it sure is happening at the perfect time.

Coming into this season, Detmers was tasked with being one of the top X-factors of the club as the No. 6 starter on a struggling rotation. So far this year, Detmers has passed the test with flying colors. Detmers is now 2-1 on the year in six starts and has a 3.77 ERA.

To be able to throw a no-hitter this early in a career (just his 11th career start) goes to show just how exciting and bright of a future the young lefty has. Rated by MLB as the No. 1 left-handed pitching prospect for 2022, he had the talent. It was just a matter of time to put it together, and he showcased the ultimate flash of greatness on Tuesday.

Reid Detmers' no-hitter will be one LA Angels fans will never forget.

Many baseball fans have become bored of no-hitters, but when a rookie like Reid Detmers is involved, nobody will ever forget just how special this moment was. To do it at home in front of LA Angels fans just made it even more perfect.

Detmers proved why he was such a highly touted prospect, and this was a MAJOR win for the Halo farm system which has come under much scrutiny as of late. Detmers came up to the Big Leagues last year and struggled to adjust in his five starts.

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In six this year, he's established himself as one that can make a tremendous impact on this club, and even retire all but one batter in an entire lineup. Even better, the one batter who actually got on couldn't even get on with a hit.