Mike Trout once again showcases how great a human he is, makes young Angels fan's day

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout put his character on full display during the LA Angels' recent series against the Chicago White Sox. Not only did he made a White Sox fan's day with a selfie as the fan ditched school to see Trouty play, but he also found a young Angel fan in the audience and gave him a perfect memory as well.

Trout didn't just have a great series on the field against the ChiSox, hitting .214/.389/.500 (.889 OPS) with a homer and three runs. He also made it a point to go ahead and have a great series WITH the fans in the stands. Spotting this kid and giving him a lifetime memory means everything.

Trout plays the game like it's in a sandlot league. He not only makes dominating at a professional sport look easy, but he always makes sure to stop and smell the roses that come from playing this great game for a living. The best part is that he shares that experience with the fans.

This is why LA Angels fans love Mike Trout.

It's more than just on-field performance that draws LA Angels fans to Mike Trout. There have been stars around the league at around Trout's level that their own fanbases can't stand.

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Trout is not loved just because he's an all-time great ballplayer, but because he's an all-time great person. This last series against the White Sox proves it. Trout's batting .316/.447/.671 (1.118 OPS) this year. Trouty the ballplayer is truly spectacular. Trouty the man, however, may be even greater.