Mike Trout shows love to opposing fans who ditched school to pay respects

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is no stranger to giving back to the fans that have supported him in his entire career. The LA Angels' superstar never shies away from showing love to his supporters--whether they're also Angels fans or not. In an instance that came about on Monday, it was a White Sox fan who Trout had an awesome interaction with:

First of all, it's necessary to congratulate this young fan on skipping school to see Trout. School blows, and to be able to miss it to go and see the best player in the world of the past 11 years is a way better option. Next, it's also necessary to congratulate Trouty on staying so grounded.

Trout never misses the opportunity to show appreciation for the people in his corner. This is yet another example of Trout taking his time and energy and directing it to the fans that always back him. Trout is a humble superstar--one that never goes around 'big-timing' anyone. The fans are 'big time' in Trout's eyes.

It also goes to show how loved Mike Trout is around the game.

Mike Trout knows how much respect he has around the league when opposing fans are trying to take selfies with him when the LA Angels are in town. Trout's a living legend, and hasn't lost a step in his already First-Ballot Hall of Fame stride. Trout is currently hitting .319/.449/.694 (1.144 OPS) with a 234 OPS+.

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Those last three numbers are career-highs, and Trout also has already hit six tanks to go along with 17 runs scored. A great defensive player as well, he's still killing it out in center field. None of it, however, has forced him to be too cool to acknowledge the fans who idolize Trout every season. He remains one of, if not THE, most likable athlete in sports.