Mike Trout proves to be class act with this awesome response to former online critic

Apr 27, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; LA Angels, Mike Trout
Apr 27, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; LA Angels, Mike Trout / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, many people critiqued LA Angels' superstar Mike Trout's swing on Twitter, or at least until they realized it was Trout.

This video below was posted with a funny caption (and a funny reaction from Trout's dad front tossing in the video), but many took the poster literally. They started critiquing the Angels three-time AL MVP swing when they didn't realize it was his. The funniest one was this commenter below, who is a 17 and under travel ball coach in Indiana:

Hey, we have to respect the man for owning up to it, instead of trying to backtrack. Trout himself certainly respected it, and went ahead and sent him some Old Hickory gear for his honesty and deep love for the game:

Mike Trout proved that he's the ultimate class act by showing love right here.

We knew Mike Trout was thinking about doing something when he responded to the coach on Twitter originally:

Speaking to Angels Orange County Register beat reporter Jeff Fletcher, the coach, named Ryan Wargel, continued to handle it like a professional.

“I tell my guys all the time, ‘Own up to your mistakes,’” said Wargel. “Don’t back down from something. Own up to your mistakes. So I wasn’t going to sit back and say this never happened.”

He's a man of his word, which was very respectable to Trout. After all, his advice wasn't ignorant in what he was trying to suggest, it just wasn't relevant in this context with Trout being the man in the cage.

“I’ve had several college coaches reach out to me individually and they’re like, ‘Hey, you know, actually the advice you gave is good," said Wargel. "It’s just that it doesn’t apply to Mike Trout.’”

It's good to see a great thing come of this, and Wargel will look to return the favor if Trout's ever in town.

All in all, this is why we love Trouty. It's not just that he's the best player in baseball. That's been the case for 10 years now--it's old news.

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What's even greater is the amount of class that the future first-ballot Hall of Famer has towards everyone, even youth coaches who at one point looked like his biggest critics.