Mike Trout shouts out his biggest fan on Instagram after adorable video

May 10, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; LA Angels, Mike Trout
May 10, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; LA Angels, Mike Trout / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout's biggest fan had an amazing video go viral on Instagram, where he opened a signed Trout card and was as excited as a humanly possible.

I don't blame him, and I don't think ANYBODY would. The LA Angels superstar showed appreciation to the superfan, and shouted him out via an Instagram post over the weekend:

This is exactly why we love Trouty, the three-time AL MVP. He's been the best player in the game over the past ten years, and he's still humble enough to take the time to connect with his fans. He always does, and it's truly outstanding for baseball.

LA Angels' superstar Mike Trout and his fans continue to have an outstanding relationship.

Mike Trout isn't typically characterized as a guy who's going to be all that loud, or all that outgoing, or arrogant at all. That has never stopped him from showing appreciation for his fans. All the nine-time MLB All-Star does is dominate on the field (.305/.419/.583 career line), and be a class act off of it.

It's great to see Trout spending the offseason just how he should. We know how hard he works on his game, so to take the time to make a fan's day is something that goes a long way.

And Trout fans are excited about this year. Trouty was having the best year of his career before he went down.

He was hitting .333/.466/.624 (1.090 OPS) with eight home runs and 23 runs scored in just 36 games. He was so good that he was voted as the All-Star Game starting center fielder despite playing in just 36 games.

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Not having made an error in two years, Trout is a rare case where he brings a lot of momentum into next year despite having his season ravaged by a calf tear last year. Trout fans are going to have a great season in 2022, but it's awesome that they're clearly having a remarkable offseason as well, even during a lockout.