Mike Trout proves that he always knows how to make a fan's day

Aug 22, 2021; Williamsport, Pa, USA; Mike Trout, LA Angels
Aug 22, 2021; Williamsport, Pa, USA; Mike Trout, LA Angels / Stephanie Amador-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Mike Trout was sent a letter from an LA Angels fan from all the way out in New York.

Connor Christopher is one of the many Trout fans all across the globe, and proved that dedication by taking the time to send his message to Trout. And Trout proved exactly why he has the amount of fans that he does by acknowledging Christopher on Instagram.

Not only did Trout give Christopher and his letter this shoutout, but he also commented "Sent" on the post, notifying Christopher and everyone that he indeed did send him that autograph.

Mike Trout has the best fans in baseball, and he knows it.

We all love Mike Trout for what he's been able to do on the field for the LA Angels. Clearly, however, he's more than just an athlete. Showing love to fans proves that Trout is also a class act off of the diamond.

One of the most likeable players in baseball, it's clear as to why Christopher reached out to one of the best players in baseball history. He's a career .305 hitter with three AL MVP awards. He's never finished outside the top five in an MVP race.

He has the highest on-base percentage of anyone in the American League since he's been a Big Leaguer (.419), and the same can be said about his slugging percentage (.583) and his 1.002 OPS.

One would be hard-pressed to find many better hitters that Trout, as he averages 39 home runs per 162 games, 103 RBI per 162 games (despite playing with poor teammates who haven't made the playoffs since 2014), and an insane 122 runs per 162 games. He's made every single All-Star team there has been in his ten-year career.

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To receive an autograph from an all-time great like that must mean the world. Trout of course knows this, and proved that he does indeed have love for his fans. Trout cares about us, and it goes to show just how special of a guy he is to have on our team.