Mike Trout refuses to stop terrorizing Seattle Mariners organization

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout came into the LA Angels' most recent series against the Seattle Mariners hitting .300/.364/1.050(!) (1.414 OPS) in five games against them in 2022. He also came into the series with 52 home runs against them, which ties Rafael Palmeiro's record against the M's in a career.

Sure enough, he broke that record in the first game of the series. He also hit a triple in the first game of the series, making it 11 triples against Seattle. That's tied with Hall of Fame Kansas City Royal George Brett for most in a career against the Mariners. Nobody hits the Mariners the way Trouty hits the Mariners.

Trout went four for nine in the three-game series against the Mariners, and scored two while also driving in two. He also had a double, and continued his reign over the AL West divisional opponent. He now hits .327/.432/.675 (1.106 OPS) against the M's and has driven in 132 runs in 175 games against them.

Mike Trout has also driven in 139 runs against the Seattle Mariners.

The list of horrible memories LA Angels' franchise player Mike Trout has given the Seattle Mariners is quite extensive. Perhaps the Mariners wouldn't have had so much trouble making it to postseason in the last 20 years if Trout wasn't such a thorn in their sides.

He now is hitting .345/.457/1.069 (1.526 OPS) against the Mariners this year. Wow. The team certainly seems to be responding well too, as they are 5-3 against them on the year. That's even with five of the eight games being played in Seattle.

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It's hard to lose, however, when Trout is hitting six jacks in eight games against this team, to go along with seven runs scored and 11 RBI against the AL West club. If only the Halos could play every game against Seattle. Luckily, the team still has 11 more games to play against them this year.