MLB cancels games, pushes LA Angels Opening Day back even further

Apr 21, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Mike Trout, LA Angels
Apr 21, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Mike Trout, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the LA Angels season was pushed back by MLB to April 7th after lockout negotiations continued to have too many issues. Each team in the league had six games canceled. After many reports suggesting that we were getting closer to a deal by MLB and MLBPA, things haven't gotten any better.

The league has now canceled the next two series for the Angels, and every other team, and pushed Opening Day back to April 14th at the earliest. So, the Angels went from playing in Oakland on Opening Day, to playing in Anaheim against the Astros on Opening Day, to now playing on the road against Texas.

So far, the following series have been canceled:

--4 games at Oakland

--2 games at Seattle

--4 games vs Houston

--2 games vs Miami

The LA Angels will now only have a 150 game season.

It IS potentially possible that the league could give the LA Angels, and of course all other teams, a 162-game season. This is because they had announced this week (before they canceled more games), that if they had a deal done by a new deadline they could go back to having 162 games.

It goes to show that these deadlines could potentially be arbitrary. That first deadline did prove to be. Hopefully, that's the case again, and there is a chance that a full season is played. Formerly, baseball played 154 games instead of 162 (that ended in the '60s), but it would still be more than preferable to just have 162 games.

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Especially because we're at less than 154 games right now, anyway. Both sides aren't compromising as much as they say they are, and that needs to change. The league also needs to stop opting to cancel games when they don't have to, as the league can still find a way to start on March 31st if they put an end to this soon.