MLB insider reveals surprise competition for LA Angels in Carlos Correa sweepstakes

Oct 31, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Carlos Correa is a major free agent target for the LA Angels this offseason.
Oct 31, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Carlos Correa is a major free agent target for the LA Angels this offseason. / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels look likely to not sign Carlos Correa this offseason, but due to their need at the position, they have been listed as a potential suitor for him by many outlets, and lots of fans.

They'd need to absolutely break the bank if they want him, as he has already reportedly turned down a 10-year/$275 million offer from the Tigers. Arte Moreno typically does not like to spend up to the luxury tax threshold, but FanSided MLB Insider Robert Murray dropped news about a team that certainly does. Murray believes that the Dodgers are now players for Correa:

Of course, this is shocking news. Correa and the Dodgers appear to hate each other's guts to the furthest possible extent. Murray did a good job explaining why he takes that source's information seriously, however, which brings credibility to the claim.

The Los Angeles Dodgers would likely be able to outspend the LA Angels for Carlos Correa.

The Los Angeles Dodgers haven't spent much money yet this offseason, which leaves them with plenty of money to spend on Carlos Correa if they choose to after the lockout. The LA Angels do have the money to sign Correa, as Moreno is not one of the lesser owners at all when it comes to money. They should also have lots of incentive to spend with both Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani in their primes, along with the fact that they're located in such a major market.

If Correa takes interest in the L.A. area, but doesn't want to be teammates with Dodger players (which would not be unlikely), he may view Anaheim as a great spot for him. Of course, I don't think an AL West team would be particularly thrilled with Correa in the clubhouse due to his cheating past as well. Remember, it's not just his cheating that many players haven't been on board with, but his lack of accountability for it.

Heck, earlier in the offseason, new LA Angels starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard said there's no player he'd want to strike out with Thor's hammer more than Correa. Correa, a lifetime .277/.356/.481 (.837) hitter, is a two-time All-Star and also won the Gold Glove this past season. If the Angels acquire him, they'd get one of the better position players in baseball and have the best defensive infield in the game.

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The issue, of course, is his character concerns and issues that he's had in the past.