Noah Syndergaard takes shot at Carlos Correa for surprising reason

Sep 28, 2021; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard (34)
Sep 28, 2021; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard (34) / Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard is one of the most feared pitchers in the game when healthy, and now the LA Angels have him on our side.

He was rumored to be heading to Anaheim for several days, and then he made the move. One player who was seen as another option for the Halos was Carlos Correa. Correa may wish he was also on our side after hearing what Syndergaard had to say about him on MLB Network's Intentional Talk:

The "obvious reasons" Syndergaard mentioned are likely referring to Correa's heavy involvement in the Houston Astros sign-stealing cheating scandal, and Correa's lack of accountability for what happened. Many players were upset over what happened in this scandal, and particularly at Correa due to him vehemently denying that it affected the games. He has often gone off during interviews about his displeasure in people who have brought up that cheating does in fact affect the games.

He has created many enemies around the league, so it's certainly not surprising that Syndergaard feels this way. When it came to "what he said about Derek Jeter," he was referring to Correa saying that Jeter did not deserve any of the five Gold Gloves he won. It's obviously a ridiculous take, and Syndergaard wasn't having it.

Noah Syndergaard is clearly not a fan of Carlos Correa's mouth off of the diamond.

It wasn't surprising that Noah Syndergaard had an issue with Carlos Correa for the "obvious reasons," but it was surprising that he also took issue with his comment on Jeter. Of course, Correa's take on Jeter is delusional, and it's not going to go well with many MLB players due to Jeter being one of the most respected players in baseball history.

Correa cited advanced statistics for the reason Jeter doesn't deserve the Gold Gloves he won. Believe it or not, there are a small group of people out there who think that Jeter was indeed not deserving of any of his Gold Gloves due to certain advanced statistics claiming he didn't have good range to his right.

People who have working brains, however, know that this is obviously not true. They have seen Jeter showcase his range countless times, and even perfecting the play known as "The Jeter," which was of course that trademarked play where Jeter showcased his range by plucking balls in the 5-6 gap off of beautiful backhanded snags and would quickly get the throw off to first base while airborne and throw the runner out every time. Known by most as the most clutch defensive player of all time, Jeter is deserving of every award he won.

Another reason Jeter's advanced stats were down on balls ranging to his right was due to him having another elite shortstop playing to his right in Alex Rodriguez for most of his career and getting to a lot of balls hit in the 5-6 gap, robbing Jeter of the chance to showcase that range he had.

While many wouldn't expect a guy in Syndergaard, who hails from Texas and never played for the New York Yankees or Miami Marlins, to be vocal about Correa's comments about Jeter, it's not too surprising when given his history. Correa being notorious for not taking accountability for his cheating past (when some other Astros and Red Sox who participated in the cheating scandal did) put a target on his back as an arrogant guy. Following that up by criticizing the best shortstop of all time and saying he didn't deserve any of his Gold Gloves the moment he finally wins one is certainly not something a lot of players and people around the game are going to like.

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Thor may end up not having to use that hammer against Correa too much now that it looks like he may be leaving the division. If he does face off against Correa, however, expect him to treat that outing with a little bit more intensity.