MLB Trade Rumors predicts the 2 best LA Angels free agents to leave Halos

Aug 6, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Raisel Iglesias (32)
Aug 6, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Raisel Iglesias (32) / Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Rumors has both Raisel Iglesias and Alex Cobb of the LA Angels in their Top 50 free agents list.

It's no surprise, as so did FanSided and Fangraphs. Unfortunately, however, MLBTR has both of them taking off. That wasn't expected, especially for both of them to be gone.

Three different writers at MLBTR made their predictions on where they were to go, and all three predicted each of them to part ways with the Halos after just one year. As for Iglesias (No. 17 on the list), they have him signing a four-year, $56 million deal. That's affordable for the Angels, as Arte Moreno is worth $3.6 billion and they can totally hit $200 million in payroll this offseason.

They can also afford Cobb's projected 2-year/$16 million deal. That's actually not much at all, and pretty solid value. Before the No. 39 free agent on the list got injured, it looked like he would have gone for significantly more.

Alex Cobb and Raisel Iglesias are projected to go to division rivals by MLB Trade Rumors.

One of the writers predicts Raisel Iglesias to go the Houston Astros, and another has Alex Cobb going to the Oakland Athletics. Steve Adams has Iglesias heading to Houston and Anthony Franco predicts that Cobb will be moving to Oakland.

Those are two teams that could use some pitching, and it would be tough to watch them--especially Iglesias, pitch for some teams that we can't stand all too much.

And of course, it doesn't help when the other predictions may not have them going to AL West teams, but also don't have them staying with us. Adams has Cobb going to Boston, and Franco has Iglesias moving up to Toronto.

Tim Dierkes thinks Iglesias heads over the freeway to the Dodgers, and Cobb playing for Kansas City.

It's understandable, however, as to why these guys think the two are headed elsewhere. They are both good pitchers, and Iglesias is not only an elite closer in this game, but hands-down the best reliever in this free agent class.

Iglesias already rejected our Qualifying Offer, but that at least means that we'll get draft compensation in return if someone else signs him. Cobb has said before that he's interested in staying in Anaheim, and there's a lot to like about living out here in LA or OC. We also do have a lot of money we can offer these two.

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And having lots of money and being in a great location are great regardless of whether we can bring Iglesias and Cobb back. It means that we have some leverage in negotiations for replacing these two, if we need to. Let's hope we don't run into that issue, however, especially in Iglesias' case.