New rule change should disappoint Angels fans

Apr 11, 2022; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Brett Phillips (35) throws
Apr 11, 2022; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Brett Phillips (35) throws / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels brought in Brett Phillips to be their fourth outfielder. Phillips is an elite defender with terrific speed but has struggled mightily at the plate, particularly in 2022. He wouldn't have been my first choice of a fourth outfielder to sign, but I do think Phillips won't be the reason the Angels make or miss the postseason in 2023.

You can dislike Phillips the player, but you certainly can't dislike Phillips the person. There might not be a more positive player out there, and Phillips is extremely fun to watch.

Angels fans got to see Phillips have fun first hand, when he pitched at Angel Stadium and gave up a home run to left-handed hitting Anthony Rendon. The new rule change that came out today would limit Phillips pitching appearances which can be fun to watch.

New MLB rule limits position players pitching

Today Major League Baseball made two rule changes. The first was keeping the extra inning rules in the game permanently. This means that every game that goes into extra innings will have the runner on second base to begin each inning for both sides until they say otherwise. This is something I've grown to be in favor of, but wish it started in the 11th or 12th inning.

The other rule change involves position players pitching. Position players can pitch if their team is winning by 10 or more in the ninth, or losing by eight or more anytime. They can also pitch in extra innings.

This rule doesn't make too much sense to me, as managers should be able to decide when they think games are over and not have to burn relievers if they don't feel like they should.

This also means games Brett Phillips is limited in games he can pitch for the Angels. It's never fun to see your team lose 12-0 or by a similar score, but Phillips does make it more fun. Check out this hilarious video from a relief appearance in Buffalo when the Blue Jays played there. Again, it's never fun to lose, but this makes it feel a little bit better.

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