Projecting Angels lineup with Anthony Rendon rightfully being removed as leadoff man

Stop this madness!
Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon warms up
Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon warms up / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington needs to learn a lesson -- it's never too late to start doing what is right. We're barely a week into the 2024 season, and Washington already needs to right a wrong. The "Anthony Rendon Leadoff Hitter Experiment" should've never happened, and it's now time to blow it up.

For those Angels fans waiting for Rendon to sabotage himself and find his way to injured list, that has yet to happen. So Washington will have to take matters into his own hands. Rendon has yet to record a hit through four games this season and his on-base percentage (.063) is the worst on the team. Even Jo Adell is looking at Rendon sideways.

All joking aside, this was a bad idea from the start, and it's time for the Halos to switch things up. So what should Washington's lineup card look like with Rendon out of the leadoff spot?

Projecting LA Angels lineup with Anthony Rendon rightfully being removed from leadoff spot

On-base percentage is a great way to determine who your leadoff hitter should be. However, Logan O'Hoppe currently leads the team in that category, and there are surely some better options. Quite frankly, this shouldn't be very difficult, as Nolan Schanuel should be the Angels' leadoff batter.

Schanuel possesses good bat-to-ball skills, consistently maintained a high on-base percentage throughout his college and minor league career, and is probably the Halos' best option to set the table for the rest of the lineup.



Nolan Schanuel


Mike Trout


Brandon Drury


Logan O'Hoppe


Anthony Rendon


Aaron Hicks


Taylor Ward


Mickey Moniak


Zach Neto


Washington can then deploy the trio of Mike Trout, Brandon Drury, and O'Hoppe. The Angels could then plug Rendon into the No. 5 hole with switch-hitter Aaron Hicks behind the Halos' third baseman. Washington had previously said that the plan was for Rendon to bat cleanup. That may be a bit too high, but at least he wouldn't be hitting leadoff. The rest of the Angels starting lineup should consist of Taylor Ward, Mickey Moniak, and Zach Neto.

Of course the Angels can make alterations to the lineup based on matchups, as Adell, Luis Rengifo and Matt Thaiss will also receive some playing time. But in general, the top four spots in the Angels batting order should be fixed in place.

Quite honestly, any change that Washington makes to the Angels lineup would be approved if Rendon is no longer batting first. It's time for LA to end this foolish endeavor.

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