Pros and cons of television analyst Mark Gubicza working with LA Angels players

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The LA Angels will be having a familiar face around Spring Training, as it was reported that Mark Gubicza will be in uniform and working with pitchers. Gubizca has been evaluating the team from afar for awhile and now will have the chance to be more hands on. 

Why Mark Gubicza's tutelage is a good thing for LA Angels pitchers 

With some change in new management with the hiring of Ron Washington, the team should feel a sense of familiarity with Gubicza being around the team and working closely with them. He has long understood how the pitchers work, and can now implement some of the things he talks about on television. 

Known for his incredible career with the Kansas City Royals, Gubicza had two All-Star appearances, along with a third-place finish in the Cy Young race back in 1988. With the team adding basically a whole new bullpen, hopefully the new guys can learn from someone who has seen this team at its high and low points. 

Why this move could backfire  for LA Angels

Gubicza has been loved by fans and players for a long time and has been a constant staple within LA Angels media. Now, the fans could point a small amount of blame towards him if the pitching does not show improvement. Things that worked for Gubicza in the past may not work for this current group of pitchers, and could earn an analyst with a previously high approval rating a degree of scorn.

However, there are plenty of other coaches who will be monitoring the team and providing feedback, so there shouldn’t be too much blame on him. In the end, this rotation is rather young, and with new faces on the team, Gubicza can provide a sense of comfortability.  

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Either way, it can’t hurt the team to have some extra eyes on the younger pitchers, and he’ll have plenty to talk about once back with the broadcast team. Hopefully, he’ll be talking about them as they produce good numbers this season.