Ranking the positions the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft

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No. 5 position the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft: Catcher

Catching is going to be a lesser concern for the LA Angels because it is hard to find generational talents at the position. That is why Adley Rutschman was the number 1 pick in the draft a few years ago. A guy who was not only a great defensive catcher, but could hit for average and power on both sides of the plate. That is unheard of and doesn't come around often, which is why his talents were valued. Luckily he was obviously very ready to play at the major league level and was drafted by a team where he could easily make that jump within a couple years of him being drafted.

In terms of this year's draft there are a few good prospects in the first round, but it is hard to project good catchers because of the physical stress of the position. The window for a catcher's prime is usually very short. That is why you end up seeing catchers end up moving to different positions to help lengthen their careers.

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With that being said it's hard to imagine the LA Angels prioritizing catching in this year's draft. The organization shouldn't look to add a catcher in this year's draft until the middle or late rounds unless a catcher is the best player available at the time the LA Angels are up.