Ranking the 5 best catchers in Angels history

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3) Best catchers in Angels history: Buck Rodgers

Buck Rodgers was one of the first catchers the Angels ever had. While he only played in 16 games in the inaugural 1961 season, he played in 155 games the following campaign. He was really good from the get-go.

In the 1962 season, he slashed .255/.309/.372 with six home runs and 61 RBI. That production isn't great, but back in the day for a catcher to have that kind of impact offensively was rare. So rare, that he received MVP votes, finishing 26th on the balloting, and finishing as the runner-up in the AL Rookie of the Year balloting behind the winner Tom Tresh.

Rodgers, like most catchers, in that era, was known for his defense. He was dependable and reliable behind the plate. You knew what you'd get from him, which was really all you could ask for.

Rodgers is on this list because of his incredible longevity. He caught the second-most games in franchise history with 861 appearances as the club's backstop. He spent his entire nine-year career as an Angel, averaging 104 games played. That number is affected a lot because he only played in 16 games in his first year and 18 games in his final year. If you take those seasons out he averaged 128 games played.

Rodgers wasn't much of a threat at the plate but the impact he had behind it is remembered by Angels fans who were fortunate to see him play.