Realistic expectations for the Angels at the Winter Meetings

Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minasian answers questions
Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minasian answers questions / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

The Winter Meetings are a time when things get done. All general managers are together in one location and work out trades and signings with free agents. A lot of big names sign or get traded at this time. This is a time when Los Angeles Angels fans should be refreshing Twitter more often.

The Winter Meetings are where things truly get rolling. We've seen some teams be active, and we even saw one of the bigger names, Jacob deGrom sign with a new team. This is a time when things really start to pick up.

What should we expect out of the Angels at the MLB Winter Meetings?

What makes the trade deadline great is things happen over the course of a couple of days because, well, there's a deadline. What was so great about (parts) of last offseason were the deadlines added before the lockout and before spring training so things got done in certain pockets of time.

There's no deadline at the Winter Meetings, and Spring Training is still months away, but with everyone in one location for only a couple of days, it's almost as if there's a deadline in the minds of some general managers and players.

Starting today, players and organizations will gather in San Diego, California for this year's winter meetings. Could we see Aaron Judge sign? What about Justin Verlander? Trea Turner? What will the Angels do?

The Angels have been busy this offseason. They've signed Tyler Anderson and traded for Gio Urshela and Hunter Renfroe. They've also made a flurry of minor league signings to fortify their pitching depth that they lost in the Renfroe trade.

In terms of what to expect in this year's Winter Meetings for the Angels, it's tough to say. Perry Minasian has to be active in the pitching market. A starting pitcher and some relievers on MLB contracts are very necessary. A shortstop is also needed, but that seems less likely due to the Angels being fairly close to entering the luxury tax.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Angels addressed some of their pitching needs at the Winter Meetings. The pitching market has been moving with some relievers and starters signing in the last couple of days.

I also wouldn't be surprised if we see one or more of the stars sign somewhere. There have been some talks of Aaron Judge requiring a nine-year deal. Maybe a team gives it to him and he signs? Maybe Justin Verlander finally decides between LA and New York? It'll be exciting to see where the dominoes fall, even if it isn't in Anaheim.

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