Rich Eisen gets extremely hypocritical when discussing Shohei Ohtani

Rich Eisen
Rich Eisen / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Famed NBC Sports broadcaster Rich Eisen took time out of his show on Thursday to ask why more people aren't "paying attention to the supreme greatness of Shohei Ohtani." In his segment, he went over the heroic performances that ShoTime put on back-to-back nights on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ohtani had a career-high EIGHT RBIs on Tuesday with two bombs on the night, and the next night he struck out a career-high 13 batters while throwing a scoreless, eight-inning start. Nobody has done that in their careers. Ohtani did it on back-to-back nights.

Eisen ripped sports media, stating that if Ohtani was doing this for his New York Yankees, or the Boston Red Sox, or the Los Angeles Dodgers, or even the St. Louis Cardinals or Chicago Cubs; "This is all we would be talking about."

Full stop. Eisen is complaining that people don't talk about Ohtani enough--he is right. He then, just a few hours after this video was posted, tweeted about how it's Aaron Judge who is the AL MVP. Not Ohtani. Not the player who has a 2.90 ERA as a full-time starter and 15 jacks at the plate as a full-time DH.

Not the player who Eisen just complained about people not talking enough. A player who proves just how VALUABLE he is by being able to show up, hit two out the yard while driving in eight on a 3-for-4 day, and then show up as the starting pitcher the NEXT DAY and strike out 13 while only walking one and giving up ZERO runs (and going one for three with two walks at the plate).

Eisen marveled at the performance Ohtani had on back-to-back nights, and railed against how "If this guy was doing it for my team in New York City...This is all we would be talking about."

Eisen left the studio, however, and then claimed that the best player for HIS team in New York City, who hasn't pitched an inning in his entire career, is more valuable. Eisen is the problem he's trying to claim HE has a problem with. He'll ask the question of why people don't talk about Ohtani enough, but then finish the segment and go right back to not giving Ohtani his respect.

Shohei Ohtani has easily been the AL MVP this season.

Rich Eisen is one of the broadcasters who knows how good Shohei Ohtani is, but doesn't give him his respect over the best player on his favorite, major-brand, team. He's exactly who he's complaining about.

"(Ohtani)'s doing things that not even Babe Ruth did...There's no words for it," said Eisen.

Well, Eisen revealed that he actually does have words for it. His words are that even though "he's doing things that not even Babe Ruth did," there apparently don't deserve to be any question marks on Judge's MVP case over Ohtani.

Judge, who's not valuable enough to be tasked with getting up to the plate every day and posting a 132 OPS+, while also having to hit the mound every sixth day and strike out 11.9(!) batters per nine innings while posting a 138 ERA+.

Has he been a better hitter than Ohtani? Yes, but try having Judge batter his body on the mound every sixth day and see if he has the same success. Even with Ohtani taking on twice the workload Judge is, he still posts a solid .822 OPS and impressive 131 wRC+ in a year where hitting's down across the league.

Judge is a remarkable hitter and top three player in baseball these days. Things could change as the season unfolds. But as of right now, Ohtani, who's driven in 45 runs at the plate and boasts a 2.77 FIP AT THE SAME TIME is unquestionably the Most Valuable Player of the AL.

He is two exceptional players in one--literally; the numbers of course back this and Eisen even alludes to that. He doesn't want to give him the title, however.

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He wants to pretend to be someone who's paying attention, but then follow that up with claiming that ShoTime's actually not at the level he just described, and that it's Judge who's been more impressive. Eisen called what Ohtani is doing as "unprecedented," but seemed to forget that just a few hours after this rant was posted on Twitter.