Ron Washington blasting Luis Guillorme for poor managerial decision is an awful look

The Angels manager was quick to deflect any blame for his bad decision straight onto his own player, who didn't do anything wrong.
Los Angeles Angels v Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Angels v Pittsburgh Pirates / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels very nearly mounted a great comeback against the Cardinals on Tuesday. They had scratched and clawed their way into staying in the game despite another subpar effort from Reid Detmers and the Cardinals having Sonny Gray on the mound.

In the eighth inning, the Angels had loaded the bases with the newly acquired Luis Guillorme at the plate. It was at this point when things went very awry.

Angels manager Ron Washington decided to call a suicide squeeze in this situation. That, in itself, was a bold move since St. Louis reliever JoJo Romero had walked two batters in the inning and couldn't find the zone Making matters worse, Guillorme couldn't get the bunt down on an outside pitch, which left Zach Neto out to dry as he was sprinting home to execute the squeeze. Neto was out at home, Guillorme struck out, and the rally was officially over.

After the game, Washington not only doubled down on his very short-sighted decision in the inning, but also made sure to throw Guillorme under the bus in a disrespectful way.

Ron Washington showed complete lack of self-awareness in throwing Angels' Luis Guillorme under the bus

Washington is a very respected guy in the game of baseball who is normally beloved by his players for having their backs, motivating them when they need it, and being a creative strategic mind. However, Tuesday night's decision to go with a suicide squeeze felt desperate at best and completely misguided at worse, and throwing Guillorme under the bus was a very poor choice.

Wash's argument was that he called the squeeze because Romero was a sinker-baller who was "throwing the ball in the strike zone" and he didn't want to hit into a double play. Ignoring the fact that bunts are almost never a good idea especially since they aren't nearly practiced consistently, Romero wasn't throwing strikes in this game. Guillorme found that out because the pitch that Washington blasted him for not getting the bunt down on was so far out of the strike zone that it was basically impossible. Guillorme saw one pitch in that at-bat in the zone. One.

When a team is scuffling the way the Angels have for stretches this season, tempers can flare and everyone can get away from making smart choices in hopes of getting something going.

However, Washington so publicly blasting his player (which is starting to become a trend as he has called out several guys this year to varying degrees) who really didn't do anything wrong could end up not going over well in the Angels' clubhouse, and may only make this downward spiral even worse.

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