Shohei Ohtani's GQ pictures are here and they're amazing

Sep 25, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani (17)
Sep 25, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani (17) / Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Shohei Ohtani was recently interviewed by GQ, and the pictures they captured of him are both hilarious and epic at the same time.

Ohtani, who is coming off of the greatest season in sports history, is as much of a beast as beats can get. He also looks like a beast as well, and these photos proved that once again.

I think we can all agree that it would be pretty cool if we were as ripped as ShoTime. Ohtani is built like a house; somehow putting on so much muscle mass that he weighs 210 pounds while standing tall at 6'4."

GQ did a great job photographing LA Angels two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani.

The best part about the GQ shoot was that there were other pictures of Shohei Ohtani than just ones that make him look like a monster. There were some other photos of the LA Angels 2021 MVP that simply bring a smile to our faces:

Similar to the top two photos of the first tweet showing GQ's photos of Ohtani, these two make me laugh when I see just how well-dressed the Japanese sensation truly is. GQ and Ohtani truly was a perfect fit.

And regardless of fashion, there's no better player in baseball for GQ to connect with. Ohtani just hit .257/.372/.592 (.965 OPS) with 46 home runs, 103 runs, 100 RBIs, and 26 stolen bases. He led MLB in fWAR at 8.1, and posted a 152 wRC+ and 158 OPS+.

He started the All-Star Game both as a DH AND as the starting pitcher. Recording a 3.18 ERA with a 1.090 WHIP and 141 ERA+, Ohtani was the definition of a complete ballplayer. Did I mention that he also played the outfield in seven different games?

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A guy that can do it all in Ohtani got to flex his muscles, and got to flex his tremendous taste for fashion in this GQ shoot, and we're all here for it.