Shohei Ohtani trade rumors: 5 teams with the best 2 top 100 prospects to offer

These teams have the best prospect packages to offer the Angels in a Shohei Ohtani trade
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4) San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants have been one of baseball's biggest surprises, bolstering a record of 52-41 on the season, second in the NL West only behind the Dodgers.

The Giants are a team with a legitimate shot at landing Ohtani this offseason, as they've got the money and location Ohtani seems to desire. Acquiring him now not only allows them to try and win it all in 2023, but they have the ability to negotiate with him and maybe figure out a way to ink an unlikely extension before he hits the open market. Even if they fail to do that, if he enjoys his time there they'll have a leg up regardless.

The Giants went aggressively after both Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa and opened this season with neither player. Their fanbase is hungry and their front office is hungry for a superstar. There is no bigger superstar than Ohtani.

In a trade with the Angels, the Giants have two top-15 prospects to dangle. Pitcher Kyle Harrison is the most intriguing, as the Angels are a team without high-end pitching prospects. Harrison is ranked 11th on MLB Pipeline's top 100 list, and infielder Marco Luciano is ranked 15th. Luciano has played only shortstop in the minors but he can move to either second base or third base if the Angels were to acquire him.