Should the Angels consider trading Hunter Renfroe?

Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians
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Los Angeles Angels General Manager Perry Minasian made sure everyone in baseball knew that he was taking a different approach to the MLB free agency last off-season, and into this season, by focusing on building a very deep roster across the board. Going out and trading for Hunter Renfroe was one of the more notable of those moves he accomplished and has proven good for the team this season.

Hunter Renfroe and his remaining 1 year/ 11.9-million-dollar contract, came to the Angels from the Milwaukee Brewers in a trade that sent Janson Junk, Elvis Peguero, and Adam Seminaris to Milwaukee. With Renfroe having one more season left on his contract, and the Brewers being a small market team who has the tendency to trade some of their larger contracts on their payroll to other teams in exchange for future prospects, did exactly that with him.

Coming into the season, Renfroe was a clear favorite to be an everyday player for the Los Angeles Angels and during the first months of the season he proved just that. He hit .259, with 7 HR and 20 RBI's in March/April alone. It just so happens that the rest of the Angels outfield was playing just as well. Mike Trout is obviously going to be an everyday player when healthy, so that only leaves two other spots in the outfield to fill between 4 solid candidates.

Taylor Ward, who has shown strong development over the last two seasons, proved that he can be an everyday player with a very real possibility of being an All-Star.  Mickey Moniak is demonstrating his true potential with a very impressive first half of the season, and a potential staple in the Angels lineup in the future, and don’t forget about Jo Adell either! He’s been having one of the best seasons of any minor league player, hitting 23 HR's and 55 RBI's.

Then there leaves Hunter Renfroe, who is seemingly now competing to play every day even with his impressive performance this year, which leaves many of us questioning his place on this team's future.

LA Angels outfielder Hunter Renfroe has no future spot on this team

With the trade deadline fast approaching and the Angels season still very much up in the air, I believe that Renfroe's status as an Angel is very much up in the air. There is a very good chance that the Angels won't resign him for next season considering they are getting similar performance from their younger guys, so I think it boils down to what the trade market looks like at the deadline, and if the Angels are in a position to still make a run.

Either way, I think that the Angels should try and move him before the end of this season. Yes, Perry has demonstrated he wants a very deep roster at all positions, and trading away a talent like Renfroe would go against that, but you could help fill more pressing roles in pitching or in-fielding.

Look out for National League teams interested in bolstering their outfield to push them into October. Teams like the Cincinnati Reds, Miami Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona Diamondbacks could easily put a package together that would interest the Angels.