Why the Texas Rangers explosive offseason has the LA Angels in deep trouble

Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six / Michael Zarrilli/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers were in a different spot than the LA Angels were as they entered the offseason.

They were going to have to spend just to put a roster together, as they didn't have much on the books for 2022. The Angels certainly did have a lot on the books for 2022 due to Mike Trout and Anthony Rendons' contacts. They were in a position to spend as well, however.

So far, though, only one of those teams has spent, and it isn't the one everyone thought it would be. The Rangers have been blowing rack after rack after rack on talent this offseason.

Signing Kole Calhoun and Jon Gray were already interesting pickups, and then they went crazy. The Rangers brought in arguably the two best shortstops of this loaded shortstop free agent class in Marcus Semien and Corey Seager.

The LA Angels are standing to the side while the Texas Rangers are dropping bombs.

The LA Angels need to get moving if even the lowly Texas Rangers are dominating them in the offseason. And I'm not trying to disrespect Texas at all, but they were one of the very worst teams in baseball last year and last in the division by several miles.

If the worst team in our division is making splash signing after splash signing while we're just making a couple moves here and there, that's not such a great thing.

We already are in one of the strongest divisions in baseball that had three teams over .500 last year as well as the AL champions. If we're now letting the last-place Rangers get exponentially better, what does that say about our potential standing in the division?

'The Rangers don't have pitching, though,' we all say.

And we're all right. But are we pitching juggernauts ourselves? Absolutely not, and we've made just three notable moves to improve the staff with only one of the signings not coming with any potential downside (Aaron Loup).

The Astros aren't just going to give up. The Mariners just took Robbie Ray right from us. The A's haven't traded anybody yet.

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We have to turn this offseason around. Either that, or we need to hope for an 100% healthy season with a heavy reliance on bounce-back years from many players. If not, we will be finishing third or fourth in this division again, with maybe the only team behind us making progress and coming for our spot.