The best Angels player to wear number 1

Jun 15, 2003; Anaheim, CA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Anaheim Angels catcher Bengie Molina in action against
Jun 15, 2003; Anaheim, CA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Anaheim Angels catcher Bengie Molina in action against / VJ Lovero-USA TODAY Sports

You'd think number one would be more popular of a number than it has been in Los Angeles Angels history. Only ten players have worn the number and nobody has worn it since 2005. The last player to wear it played a big role in the Angels World Series championship in 2002 and deserves to be recognized for it.

The best player who's worn number 1 as an Angel is Bengie Molina.

There were more people who wore 1 than 0 as would be expected, but only ten players and none in the last eight years is pretty surprising. If the Angels do sign Elvis Andrus, a guy they've been linked to at points this offseason, maybe that'll change as he's worn the number for most of his career. If not, it'll remain unused for another season.

Bengie Molina is the best Angels player to wear number 1.

Bengie Molina had cups of coffee with the Angels in 1998 and 1999. He played in 33 games combined in those seasons and did not wear number 1. He wore 38 in '98 and 63 in '99. He switched his number in 2000 to number one despite Kevin Stocker and Keith Johnson wearing it in the same season. Once Molina changed his number, his career took off.

Molina finished fourth in the Rookie of the Year balloting in 2000 after slashed .281/.318/.421 with 14 home runs and 71 RBI. He of course played elite defense behind the plate as well.

What Molina is most known for in an Angels uniform is the 2002 playoff run. Bengie struggled mightily during the regular season posting an abysmal 58 OPS+ in 122 games. He did win a Gold Glove, but his bat was missing the entire season. It woke up in the postseason.

Molina had struggled for most of the postseason until Game 7 of the World Series against the Giants. He had two hits in three at-bats in their victory including a double that helped wipe away an early Giants lead. He ended up recording six hits in 21 at-bats including three walks and only one strikeout. For someone who had struggled so much during the regular season, his bat showing up when they needed it most was a big reason why they won.

Molina had another series to remember against the Yankees in the 2005 ALDS. He was coming off his best offensive regular season in the bigs and he recorded eight hits in 18 at-bats including three home runs in the Angels' five-game series victory. The 2005 season was Bengie's last as an Angel but he gave the fans something to remember with that series.

Overall, Molina did not make an all-star team but won two Gold Gloves wearing number one. He's by far the best Angel to don the number and is one of the best catchers in Angels franchise history.

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