The best Angels player to wear number 6

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs Chicago White Sox - April 29, 2007
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs Chicago White Sox - April 29, 2007 / Chuck Rydlewski/GettyImages

28 players have worn the number 6 in Los Angeles Angels history but much like number 2, there hasn't been a star to wear the number.

Anthony Rendon was supposed to be that star to wear number 6 and lead the Angels to great things, but his tenure in Anaheim has been a disaster. He was good in the shortened 2020 season but has barely played in the two full seasons since arriving in the 2019 offseason.

Since Rendon isn't the best Angels player to wear number 6, who is?

Maicer Izturis is the best player to wear number 6 in Angels history.

Maicer Izturis was a solid player, but I did not expect him to be the best one to wear any number, let alone one he didn't even wear the entire time he was an Angel.

Izturis was a utility infielder who could play second base, third base, and shortstop well. He was a guy who hit a ton of singles and got on base at a decent clip but lacked power.

Izturis had his best season in 2009 when he slashed .300/.359/.434 with eight home runs and 65 RBI. He stole 13 bases and had a 109 OPS+ in 114 games.

The switch-hitter had a 3.7 bWAR that season, which was by far a career high. He was an important player on an Angels team that won 97 games and the AL West. He recorded just two hits in 17 at-bats that postseason but was a part of the last Angels playoff win, which I guess counts for something.

Izturis ranks 28th among Angels position players in bWAR and he's in the top 30 in most statistical categories including runs, hits, and games played. As a hitter who never hit more than eight home runs in a single season, he wasn't anywhere near the top of home run or RBI lists in Angels history.

He wasn't anything special, but Izturis was good enough to be the best Angel to ever wear number 6. Will that change? Maybe. Hopefully Anthony Rendon stays healthy and produces like the Anthony Rendon the Angels gave $245 million dollars to!

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