The Padres managerial opening is the latest attractive one the Angels have to compete with

St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels parting with Phil Nevin was not a surprise at all after the team limped to a 73-89 finish for a second consecutive year. Nevin never showed he was really qualified to take over the manager role to begin with, and it's only because of Arte Moreno's incompetence that he lasted more than his interim year.

With Nevin gone, the Angels have to look for a new manager. They're already competing with more attractive openings like the ones with the Mets and Astros but now another attractive one has come to our attention.

After the San Diego Padres went through their own awful season, they opted to part with their own manager, Bob Melvin. While Nevin was inexperienced and never showed he was worthy of having the job, Melvin was recognized as one of the best manager's in baseball before heading to San Diego. Angels fans remember him well from his Oakland days. He even led San Diego to an NLCS berth just last season.

With Melvin gone and headed to San Francisco, the Padres are the latest team with a vacant manager position. With all of the talent on that team combined with the fact of just how awesome of a city San Diego is, it's safe to say they're the latest team with a more attractive opening than the Angels.

The Angels face more competition when looking for a manager with the Padres spot now open

The Padres are a team with an aggressive owner, an aggressive GM, and an extremely talented roster ready to win. They failed to do so in 2023 but have the star power to get right back to the NLCS in 2024 and compete for a pennant.

The good news about the Padres vacancy is we already know names of managers they're interested in. Former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt and former infielder and current Padres bench coach are the potential managers they're interested in. If the Angels wanted one of them they likely wouldn't be able to sign them if the Padres made an offer, but nothing has linked the Halos to Schildt or Flaherty yet.

Finding an upgrade at the manager spot over Phil Nevin shouldn't be too hard, but finding one that will make a legitimate difference is where the Angels have struggled in recent years. Hopefully despite having an unattractive spot, they'll find someone to lead this team back on the right path.