The time is now for the Angels to make a run with soft June schedule

Los Angeles Angels v Houston Astros
Los Angeles Angels v Houston Astros / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels just lost three of four in Houston and find themselves just a single game over .500. It's only the beginning of June, but there're plenty of reasons to believe this team just isn't good enough.

The goal for this 2023 season has always been to break the postseason drought. The Halos hadn't played meaningful October baseball since 2014, and it felt like this might've been the year to finally see them get back to that stage.

The Angels have underperformed. They've thrown away games they should've won, and find themselves on the outside looking in. Now is their time to change that with a softer schedule the rest of this month.

Soft June schedule presents LA Angels the opportunity to make a run

Opening the month of June with four games in Houston against the defending champions obviously isn't ideal, but there's no disputing how much easier the month gets for the Halos.

All season long we've seen them perform admirably against teams below .500 while struggling to beat the good teams. Just on this last road trip we saw them take two of three against the subpar White Sox while getting outplayed by the Astros.

Schedule for the remainder of June:




Chicago Cubs



Seattle Mariners



Texas Rangers



Kansas City Royals



Los Angeles Dodgers



Colorado Rockies



Chicago White Sox



The schedule for the remainder of the month of June is... light. Outside of the four-game series in Texas and the short two-game set with the Dodgers, the Angels have a ton of easy matchups.

They've already taken series against teams like the Mariners, Royals, and White Sox while even putting up a pretty good fight when they played the Rangers at home earlier this season.

The Angels have to start winning some series consistently. I don't expect them to win series against Texas or the Dodgers, but it's time to start asserting dominance against the weaker teams.

In this 22-game stretch, the Angels should be winning at least 14 or 15 of them. Is that unrealistic? Maybe, but the schedule gets a lot tougher in July with matchups against teams like the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Astros, Yankees, Pirates, and Blue Jays. Even the struggling Padres are lurking in there as well.

It's time for the Angels to develop some kind of a cushion. The longer they hover around .500, the easier it is to say just blow everything up and start selling. If they want to buy, make the run starting tonight against the Cubs.