The Victor Mederos call-up is the latest example of Perry Minasian having no fear

Los Angeles Angels Photo Day
Los Angeles Angels Photo Day / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

In a season full of surprise moves made by Perry Minasian, the Los Angeles Angels might've just made the craziest one.

We've seen the Angels promote young guys like Zach Neto, Ben Joyce, Jose Soriano, and Sam Bachman this season straight from AA to the majors. These moves have helped keep the Angels afloat in the postseason race, even if they're currently on the outside looking in.

Victor Mederos is the latest Angel to receive a promotion straight from AA, and it's definitely the most curious promotion of the bunch.

LA Angels Victor Mederos promotion is latest display of aggression by Perry Minasian

Victor Mederos was selected in the sixth round by the Angels in the 2022 MLB Draft. He joins Zach Neto and Ben Joyce as draftees from last season to already make it to the bigs. He's made 12 starts this season with an ERA of 5.98 in 55.2 innings of work. Mederos has 71 strikeouts which is a great number, but he's walked 25. Command has always been his biggest issue.

Perhaps the biggest red flag from this right-hander this season is the home run ball. He's given up 15 home runs already, an astonishing amount for the innings pitched.

His ERA is very high, but he's been a lot better in his last three starts, posting an ERA of 3.52 in 15.1 innings pitched. This includes a ten-strikeout performance in which he allowed just two runs in five innings. The different baseballs in the Southern League I'm sure have played a role in his performance as well.

What the Angels plan to do with Mederos I'm not so sure about. They can plug him into the rotation in Jaime Barria's spot after Barria's rough outing. They can also do what they've done with guys like Bachman and Chase Silseth and use him as a reliever. Using Mederos as a reliever feels a lot more likely.

It's good to have a general manager who is willing to do whatever it takes to try and win, even if it's unpopular. A call-up like this is certainly out of the ordinary, but it could work to the Angels favor.

It's worked for the other young arms Minasian has called upon early, hopefully the same can be s