Tyler Skaggs' family's lawyer hints LA Angels could face further punishment

Jun 29, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Tyler Skaggs, LA Angels
Jun 29, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Tyler Skaggs, LA Angels / Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Kay has been declared guilty of distributing fentanyl to former LA Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs and causing Skagg's death, but this is not the last we will hear of the situation.

The Skaggs' family's lawyer Rusty Hardin just released a statement following the trial, and pointed out that they firmly believe that the Angels knew about the drug trafficking going on within their organization:

Interestingly, the Angels' post-trial statement seemed to suggest the opposite:

Hardin, however, seems to know what he's doing after seeing how he handled his business in 'U.S. v Eric Kay.' It raises eyebrows to the fact that the Angels truly could have been aware of what was going on. After all, lots of former Angels players testified about the situation.

Five other players even admitted to having received drugs from Kay when with the Angels. C.J. Cron even admitted to receiving drugs from him even after he left the Angels too.

Tyler Skaggs' family's lawyer will work to try to prove that the Angels knew what Kay was doing in upcoming civil cases.

Hardin is trying to make sure that the LA Angels are held morally and legally responsible for Kay's actions. The part of Hardin's statement where he said that numerous people within the Angels knew about the drug trafficking was of course true. While it is unclear when these civil cases will take place at this moment, the information found in the Kay trial does not help the Angels' case.

The Angels of course had to know Kay had gone to rehab in 2019. One important piece of information that was dropped throughout this trial process was that the first road trip that Kay was back with the team after rehab was the Texas trip that Skaggs tragically passed during. Hopefully, this trial, and the upcoming cases will shine a light on a drug problem that needs to be fixed.

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One player passing from this issue is already too many, and this issue has proven to be league-wide through this trial. We at Halo Hangout encourage anyone struggling with addiction to seek professional help in order to live the life they deserve.