Upcoming homestand is the chance for the Angels to break this unacceptable streak

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels are returning home after a disappointing road trip. The Halos went 3-4, which could be worse, but it should have been better. A couple of blown games in Cleveland and a couple of games in Baltimore where the bats didn't show up cost the Angels some games they should have won.

Regardless, the Angels return home now for a lengthy homestand. This homestand is one that the Angels must perform better in than the last one. When last seen at the Big A, the Angels lost two of three against both the Rangers and Astros. These games aren't quite as crucial, but they do have something in common with the other series.

Each team the Angels play this homestand has a record above .500. We have no way of knowing if that'll be the case by the time the Angels play each team, but for now, that is where we're at. The Angels have been unable to beat good teams all year. Now, on their home turf, is their chance to change that narrative.

LA Angels need to prove they can beat good teams on this upcoming homestand

This season, we've seen the Angels take advantage of the bad teams. While they've only swept one series, the Angels have won every series they've played against a team starting the series at or below .500 except for one. The only sub-.500 team to take a series from the Angels is the Guardians. Cleveland probably won't finish the season under .500 and the Angels always struggle at Progressive Field, so that series loss isn't even the worst thing in the world (even if the way the Angels lost those games is the worst thing in the world).

The Angels opened up their home season against the Blue Jays and lost two of three. They went to Boston and New York and lost three of four at Fenway and two of three at Yankee Stadium. They lost two of three in Milwaukee. They lost two of three at home to both Texas and Houston. Most recently, the Angels split a series in Baltimore. This is the only series they haven't lost against a team entering the series above .500.

The Angels never getting swept is a good thing, but not being able to take a series against a good team is obviously cause for concern for a team trying to get back to the postseason.

This homestand the Angels face the 24-20 Twins, the 24-20 Red Sox, and the 23-21 Marlins. None of these teams are elite by any means, but they're above .500. It's a good time for the Angels to win games they should win at Angel Stadium against good, but not great teams. They should win at least two of the three series they're playing if they want to be considered a legitimate playoff contender.

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