What are the Angels 2024 MLB Draft lottery odds?

The Angels have decent odds at landing the top pick in the draft thanks to another disappointing record.
Jul 9, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks during the first round of
Jul 9, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks during the first round of / Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, Los Angeles Angels fans are far too used to their team having a high draft pick. They're never bad enough to finish with the worst record but are never good enough to come close to making the playoffs. They haven't even finished with a winning record in a season since 2015.

This past season, the Angels finished with a 73-89 record. They wound up finishing with the seventh-worst record in the majors, which would in previous years guarantee them the seventh pick in the draft. However, with Major League Baseball now using a Draft Lottery, things can change.

The Lottery was put in place to dissuade teams from losing purposely to get a high pick (Oakland). The new system also prevents teams that give revenue-sharing dollars the chance to be part of the lottery in consecutive years. This bumps the Nationals, a team that selected Dylan Crews with the second overall pick this past season, out of the lottery proceedings and bumps the Angels up.

The Nationals finished with a 71-91 record, two games worse than the Angels. Despite that, they still are removed from the lottery thus giving the Angels the sixth-best odds in this year's draft instead of them being locked into the seventh pick which is what would've happened with the old system.

The LA Angels have the sixth-best odds at landing the number one overall pick in the MLB Draft

The Angels are penciled into the sixth spot behind just the Athletics, Royals, Rockies, White Sox, and Cardinals. They have a 6.1% chance of landing the top pick according to MLB.com. The most important thing for them is to just remain in the top six. They can either move up, down or stay where they are.

The MLB Draft lottery will take place during the Winter Meetings, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee during the first week of December.

The lottery last season saw a ton of movement which should be exciting and nerve-wracking for Angels fans. The Pirates jumped from three to one, winning the lottery and selecting Paul Skenes. The Athletics were tied for the best odds but wound up with the sixth pick. The Angels moved down from 10 to 11 because the Twins jumped up from 13 to 5. Anything can happen in the lottery, we just have to hope for some good luck.

In the 2023 MLB Draft, the Athletics selected sixth overall and selected shortstop Jacob Wilson. The 21-year-old is now considered their top prospect, much like Nolan Schanuel is for the Angels. With the possibility of the team having to move down very real, the Angels would be thrilled to remain at six.