Which LA Angels' RBI leaders from last season will repeat in 2022?

Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani (17) hits
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LA Angels, Mike Trout
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LA Angels' 2021 RBI leaders: Mike Trout, 18 RBI

OK, so Mike Trout wasn't exactly among the RBI *leaders* for the Angels, what with being injured in May and there really being less and less reason to push for the superstar's return to the lineup. He finished with just 18 RBI.

Most important to the Angels was just making sure he'd be healthy and ready to go in 2022. That seems to be the case.

How many RBI will Mike Trout have in 2022?

Trout, an 11-year grizzled veteran at all of 30 years old, should be expect to return to his norms -- or at least, pretty close.

The power should be back, though ZiPS appears to be a bit conservative with an estimate of 78 RBI. Looking at Steamer, as Marcel doesn't appear to be real helpful here, Steamer restores Trout to the 100 RBI club with 102.

Of the projections, that seems to be the safest one to side with. As long as he stays healthy, even with a suboptimal lineup around him, Trout's good for about 35-40 home runs and 100 RBI most years. There's little reason to stray from that with this one.