Mike Trout Talks Pujols, Heaney and Improving


I remember sitting down to watch the 2009 MLB Draft which was being covered live, in studio, by the MLB Network. The players expected to be drafted near the top were all invited to be present and have the cameras on them as they grabbed a jersey belonging to their new team and pose with Bud Selig. It was intended to garner interest in the draft much the same way as the NFL and NBA drafts do in their televised events. The difference here was that only one player showed up, Mike Trout. It was clear he was a good kid and he looked the part. I instantly was rooting for all the teams to pass up on Trout so the Angels could take him.

It seemed a long shot, but player after player kept going off the board and poor Trout was left there with the cameras focused on him as he kept getting passed up. It was like watching a kid on the playground not getting picked. Finally, the Angels nabbed him and he became the first prospect I ever followed. The Angels have never been the same team since this generational talent joined them and has given fans countless memories in just over three seasons. If the Halos are to remain the top team in the American League it will be because of Mike Trout.

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Recently, Halo Hangout was granted the opportunity to speak with Mike Trout thanks to the good folks at Body Armor Super Drink and he delivered some insights into how he and the team are improving.

You’re going into your 3rd full season, how have you adjusted your offseason and workouts to keep in shape and your energy up throughout the season?

Definitely try to keep it the same. The same routine.

The team is coming back mostly intact but some young players are battling for 2nd base and other key roles. Who has stood out to you among the young or new players?

I’ve got to know Andrew, Andrew Heaney. He’s throwing the ball well. He had a rough outing yesterday but he’s trying to learn everyday and making good adjustments. There’s a lot of new guys on the team trying to compete for a spot and obviously second base is up for grabs right now, its fun watching that battle each and everyday. It’s going to be a fun year for sure.

What prompted you to start using Body Armor and what results have you seen from it?

I’m a guy that’s always dehydrated, I can’t pump enough fluids in me. When they came to me I thought it was a great opportunity. To get up there, reach out and join a great group of people, a great company. It definitely helps out a lot.

It’s easy to see that the relationship between You and Albert Pujols has grown. What’s been the most valuable advice or aspect of your relationship?

Mar 24, 2015; Surprise, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout (left) and designated hitter Albert Pujols against the Texas Rangers in a spring training game at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, yeah, yeah just having him in the clubhouse everyday you know. When I have a question he’s the guy to go to. He’s been there done that, World Series Champion. He’s just a good friend. On the field and off the field. And, I think the biggest things he’s told me is just keep your head on straight and stay humble. Don’t get too cocky, don’t get too big for the game and just play my game

Baseball analysis has seen new advances in recent years with saber metrics and new technologies, how have you used that to improve your game?

I don’t really look into all that stuff. I just go out and play. You know I just, last year I just found out what WAR was (chuckles). Just go out there and play and whatever numbers come up. I don’t look at the number game that much. Just go out there and perform.

The team is coming off of a great season but you fell short of your goal. What do you as a team need to do to take the next step?

We just have to take the positive of last year, we did have the best record in baseball and yeah obviously the playoffs stung a little bit getting out that quick but take that feeling we had in the regular season, and try to work off that. Keep the positive in your head.

Personally coming off of another incredible season how do you think you can still become a better player?

There’s always things you can improve on, obviously cutting down on the strikeouts is a big thing, putting the ball in play, putting more pressure on the defense and there’s things you can work on in the outfield. You can’t think you’re too big for the game because then it’ll turn around and get you.

A great year lies ahead and if Spring Training is any indication Mike Trout is poised for what may be his biggest season yet. The era of Trout is in it’s peak and the Angels have never provided more excitement for their loyal fan base.

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