LA Angels making a push for three million fans again.


Despite a lackluster year, the LA Angels are still on pace to draw 3 million fans in attendance this season. Some how, some way the Angel faithful are still faithful, kind of.

If you’ve been to see the LA Angels at Angel Stadium this past home stand, you might find this hard to believe. To put it lightly, the stadium is almost empty these days. However according to the Angels are still averaging 38, 010 fans per game. Multiply that by 81 home games and you get 3,078,810.

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For the past 12 seasons the Halos have been able to pull more than 3 million fans. A record they are quite proud of and aiming to surpass yet again. Will they get there for a 13th year? That still remains to be seen given the poor attendance in this past home stand.

Who ranks above the Angels may also be surprising. The St. Louis Cardnials and San Francisco Giants are usually known for their loyal fan base. However this season there is a new king of putting butts in seats. Our neighbors to the north. The only team that actually plays in Los Angeles. That’s right the Dodgers are pulling in an average of 45,329 fans per game. It isn’t that surprising when you consider the Dodgers are in first place in the weak National League West. Not to mention fans are going to games to get their last look of Vin Scully, who will be retiring after 67 years of calling Dodger games.

Here are the top ten attendance getters:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers     81 games    3,703,312
  2. St. Louis Cardinals          74 games    3,169,144 (higher average attendance)
  3. Toronto Blue Jays           77 games    3,210, 546
  4. San Francisco Giants     75 games    3,116,849
  5. Chicago Cubs                   81 games    3,232,420
  6. New York Yankees         75 games    2,850,673
  7. Los Angeles Angels       75  games   2,835,471
  8. Boston Red Sox              78 games   2,843,590
  9. New York Mets               80 games   2,789,602
  10. Texas Rangers                75 games   2,501,776

To try and help reach the coveted 3 million mark the Angels have added promotions to help draw you to the games. They have added two lottery-style scratcher giveaways, as well as a Star Wars themed Storm Trooper rally monkey giveaway. So if seeing Mike Trout isn’t enough for you, check out the website and see if you can get something new for free.

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With October just around the corner and the Angels not looking like a team who will be playing in fall classic, the promotion staff is having an smaller version of Oktoberfest on September 25th against the wildcard seeking Mariners. You will be able to find beer-tasting and other entertainment in the music garden, adjacent to left field. In addition, you will receive a Angels boot-mug give away. Prost!

Come down to the stadium in the final three weeks to get your last look at the 2016 Angels. At least what is left of them after so many injuries.