How do Los Angeles Angels Feel About Dodgers Success?


The Los Angeles Angels had a magical season back in 2002 when everything they did turned up golden.  Most LA Dodgers fans at the time seemed to be very jealous and many retorted with who has the most rings.

This year the shoe is on the other foot as Los Angeles Angels fans have to sit by and watch the LA Dodgers make a somewhat magical run through the playoffs this season.  Although the Dodgers are not champions yet, things are looking like it could finally go their way this year. Almost every move their manager Dave Roberts has made seems to work and players are stepping up each night to keep the run going.

So the question I pose to Angels nation: How do you feel watching the Dodgers playoff success so far?  How would you feel if the Dodgers were to win the World Series this season?

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For me being a life-long Angels fan I have mixed emotions about the Dodgers. I will first admit that I am Dodgers fan as well as Angels.  I grew up mostly in Florida so I could root for both teams without any problems.  Whenever they played each other in exhibition games or starting in 1997 during interleague play, I have always and will always root for the Angels no matter what.

When I moved to Florida I truly missed Southern California and was trying to hang on to anything that reminded me of it. So I rooted for every team I could from the area not really realizing the strong rivalry between some teams.  I rooted for both UCLA and USC, Dodgers and Angels, Raiders and Rams (I moved to Florida in the early 80’s), Kings and later Ducks, Clippers and Lakers.

As I got a little older I began to realize the conflict of interest so I stopped rooting for some teams such as USC, Raiders, and much later my allegiance to the Kings fell by the wayside. Once I moved back to California in 1999 I continued to root for both the Angels and Dodgers and have continued to do so.

So back to the question at hand how would feel about the Dodgers winning the World Series.  Now I know my opinion is somewhat biased being that I have allegiance to both the Angels and Dodgers.  However, I will give you my opinion on this matter anyway.  I really have only one thing against the Dodgers and that is the arrogance and cockiness of the majority of their fan base.

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Dodger fans even though their team has not won or even been to a World Series since 1988 still have this feeling that they are always better than the Angels and they are not afraid to let you know this opinion.  In addition when Dodger fans travel to Angel Stadium they walk in with the mentality that they own the place and every Angel fan should bow down and kiss their six championship rings.

If you ask the security or the ushers at Angel Stadium which opposing teams’ fans causes the most problem the answer would not be Yankees or Red Sox fans like you might expect.  Nope, it is the Dodgers fans and the interleague series played every year that they dread because of the obnoxious behavior and plethora of fights that happen every time Big Blue comes to Anaheim.

This is the same reason I stopped rooting for the Kings was because of their fans behavior when they travelled to Anaheim.  This is not to mention if you go to Dodger Stadium and wear Angel gear when the two teams square off, expect to get constantly booed and very likely you will get things thrown at you if you cheer to vehemently for the our beloved Angels.

About six or seven years ago I took my then girlfriend to the a Dodgers vs. Angels game in LA.  I am not by nature a hugely vocal fan at games (mainly because I am a teacher and I value my voice).  On this particular day when the Angels scored we stood up and clapped, but little else.  However, we had ice, peanuts, and part of a hot dog bun thrown at both myself and my girlfriend. I mentioned it to an usher at Dodger Stadium and all he said was that we shouldn’t have worn opposing team’s clothing as that make us a target for abuse.

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So anyway despite all this I still root for the Dodgers other than when they are playing the Angels.  I would have no problem with the Dodgers winning the World Series and I actually hope they do.  Even though he is not announcing the playoff games it will still be a fitting way for the historic career of Vin Scully to wrap up with a seventh World Series title as he is class act.

But my reasoning goes deeper for rooting for the Dodgers to win.  I always love a good underdog story and despite the Cubs historic futility I still believe they are the favorites this year to win because of their plethora of talent they have.

Another reason I would like to see the Dodgers win is the fact that the Dodgers have a true team.  For the most part they are devoid of major stars other than Clayton Kershaw and they have a lot grinders on their team such as Howie Kendrick, Justin Turner, and Chase Utley.

I also love the way manager Dave Roberts is managing and taking risks by going against the norms in strategy that most managers use.  Roberts reminds me of a young Mike Scioscia when he used to manage this away especially during the 2002 World Series run.

I’m sure many of you will not agree with my opinions and that is okay, as I don’t expect you to do so especially if you are diehard Angels fans and/or are Dodger haters.  For me this postseason has been truly enjoyable to watch, despite the fact that the Angels are no in it.  That would only enhance things for me if that was the case.

My dream since I was young was a Dodgers vs. Angels World Series.  One day that will happen.  Don’t worry Angels Nation if that happened I would whole-heartedly be rooting for the team in RED. For this postseason I am purple (Red + Blue).  It’s going to be fun.