3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by September 1

The Angels roster will look different when September rolls around

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2) LA Angels infielder Andrew Velazquez has struggled in areas he's supposed to excel in

Like Adams, Andrew Velazquez is a player who is here for his speed and his defense. We all know that his bat is well below average, but in a reserve role he's fine as long as he doesn't have to start games. Injuries have forced him into the lineup, and the increased playing time has shown he's simply not the same guy.

Velazquez has committed five errors already in just 31 appearances. For comparison, the infielder committed eight errors in 124 appearances last season. Velazquez has been worth -2 OAA in the field and -4 DRS. He's gone from an elite defender to below-average at best this season.

His speed has also taken a turn for the worst. Velazquez ranked in the 93rd percentile in sprint speed last season and is now in the 57th percentile according to baseball savant. He's gone from a guy who has elite speed to marginally above average. This hasn't impacted his stolen base ability as Squid has swiped ten bags this season, but he's still not as valuable of a pinch running option as he once was.

If he's not a good defender and he's not an elite baserunner anymore, what is he? The Angels have other infield options they can turn to who I'm sure can be more productive either in the field or on the base paths if not both areas than Velazquez.