3 Angels trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Angels have had an eventful season. They've had some good moments and some awful moments, yet they find themselves right in the thick of postseason contention.

The Angels might be seven games back in the AL West but they're just 0.5 games back of the final Wild Card spot, and have shown no reason to think they'll suffer a 14-game losing streak like last season.

The Angels just traded for Eduardo Escobar, and will certainly be looking to add more talent to this roster barring an unforeseen collapse. We've seen some ridiculous mock trades already, and will certainly see more as the deadline approaches. Here are some Angels rumors you should squelch before thinking too much.

LA Angels star Shohei Ohtani is not being traded barring an unforeseen collapse

You knew this one was coming, but after Bo Porter's ridiculous mock trade, it's time to officially shoot down Shohei Ohtani trade rumors. The Angels, a team well over .500 will not consider moving their best player unless they find themselves outside of postseason contention.

We can argue all we want about whether or not this is the right decision to make. It's very possible the Angels miss the postseason and lose Shohei Ohtani for nothing but a compensatory pick in free agency. That would be, obviously, catastrophic.

I'm not saying whether the Angels are right or wrong to hold onto Shohei, but I am saying that the Angels have explicitly said that they're not moving him.

I know every opposing fan base wants Ohtani to come to their team, but it's just not happening. Maybe if the Angels collapse in the next month, but still, doubtful.