3 Christmas presents Angels fans would like to receive

Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Matt Brown/GettyImages

It's Christmas morning! Los Angeles Angels fans should be pretty satisfied with how the offseason has gone. They haven't acquired any stars but have added some very solid pieces around the stars they already have.

The Angels are a much better team than they were which obviously isn't super hard for them to accomplish, but I truly think there's a lot to be excited about.

With that being said, Perry MInasian cannot be done. Here are three presents Angels fans would love to see under their Christmas trees.

1) LA Angels fans would love to see another starting pitcher

Nathan Eovaldi? Corey Kluber? Rich Hill? Those are pitchers we know the Angels have at least considered at some point this offseason. They're all still available.

The Angels have five starters locked in. Fans will feel much better if Jose Suarez is the sixth starter instead of the fifth. The top four are pretty great as is. The Halos need one more starter and it'll likely be from the free agents available.

Most Angels fans want Eovaldi to end up in Anaheim. Some are fine with a lower-tier pitcher as long as other moves are made as well. I think the consensus here is we just want to see something. Give us a starting pitcher and we'll be happy!

2) LA Angels fans want one more reliever

The Angels signed Carlos Estevez to help fortify the bullpen but they should still make another move. They're signed tons of guys to minor league deals to strengthen their depth, but those guys shouldn't be relied upon on Opening Day. There're still quality relievers left like Andrew Chafin, Michael Fulmer, and Matt Moore.

The Angels can also trade from areas of strength like their infield with Luis Rengifo to try and get an even better reliever with team control.

Either way, this bullpen needs another piece. How they get it done I don't know, but it needs to happen.

3) LA Angels fans would like a shortstop

The Brandon Drury signing gave the Angels another infielder who can play each position except shortstop. The Angels have six infielders right now and not one of them is a primary shortstop.

Rengifo as mentioned prior is the trade chip the Angels have to try and remedy this situation. Could he be on the move? Could they trade from their weak pool of prospects?

It's possible the Angels stick with Rengifo and David Fletcher to man shortstop for this season but is that a good idea? Rengifo isn't a great defender and Fletcher is much better at second base than he is at shortstop, not to mention his lackluster bat.

If the Angels acquired a legitimate shortstop I believe they'll be a better team. It doesn't have to be a flashy name, but it should be somebody new.

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