3 reasons why Zach Neto will be baseball's next star shortstop

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LA Angels shortstop Zach Neto is starting to hit for power

We've all seen and rave about his plate discipline and ability to put bat on ball, but now we're starting to see the power come along. In his short stint in the minors, Neto did hit for some power as he hit eight home runs in 44 games. That's a 29 home run pace in a 162-game season.

While I don't expect Neto to be a 30 home run guy, who's to say he can't hit 20? After hitting mostly singles to begin his career, we're starting to see his power come along.

Neto went his first 22 games without a home run. Of his 18 hits in those games, only four went for extra bases. All four were doubles. There's nothing wrong with hitting singles, but he just wasn't hitting for much power at all.

Ever since he hit his first home run he's looked a lot more capable driving the baseball.

In the last three games alone Neto has hit three home runs and two doubles. Two of the three home runs came in one game.

Neto has six home runs in 54 games played in his rookie season which puts him on pace to hit 17 home runs over a full 162-game season. Getting 20 home runs in a season out of a shortstop who does seemingly everything else at an elite level would be outstanding.

Since we've seen him hit for more power of late, who really knows what his ceiling is in that department? It'll definitely be exciting to see.