All-time Angels starting lineup based on WAR

Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004
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4. All-time LA Angels starting lineup: Tim Salmon, RF, 40.6 bWAR

Tim Salmon burst onto the scene with an unbelievable 1993 season that saw him win the Rookie of the Year Award in the AL and he remained an elite player throughout most of his 14-year career which was spent only with the Angels.

Salmon was a staple in the heart of the order for over a decade for the Angels, being reliable to hit close to 30 home runs and drive in close to 100 runs each season with a high batting average as well.

He's second in games played in Angels history while also ranking second in hits, home runs, and RBI. He's the franchise leader in walks, and is third in total bases, and on base percentage. His 40.6 bWAR ranks third among Angels position players.

He somehow was never an all-star, but he did receive MVP consideration three times, finishing as high as seventh twice. One of those times came in 1995 when he hit 34 home runs, drove in 105 runs, and won a Silver Slugger.

Salmon was as complete of a hitter the Angels have ever had and obviously played a key role in the 2002 championship season.