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Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi pitching against the Yankees during opening day action at Yankee
Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi pitching against the Yankees during opening day action at Yankee / Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News /

Nathan Eovaldi is the best pitcher left on the market by far, but I believe the Angels should not pursue him. He has not proven to be able to stay on the field consistently, and the last thing the Angels need is another player slated to miss significant time on the injured list. Eovaldi would also cost a significant multi-year investment and draft pick compensation. If they're willing to do a big multi-year contract just sign Dansby Swanson, please.

The Angels do need a starter, but there're still some solid names on the market who can help. If they don't like the free-agent options, a trade for someone like Carlos Carrasco makes some sense.

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Another former Red Sox player, Eric Hosmer, was just DFA'd by Boston. He's available for any team to trade for or claim, and he does make some sense for the Angels.

Jared Walsh is a question mark right now, and the Angels need all the depth they can handle after what we witnessed last season. Hosmer can be the safety blanket with the chance Walsh and another player get hurt or underperform.

With Hosmer only making the league minimum thanks to the Padres paying his salary, I don't see why they shouldn't do it. If they don't end up having the space or need for him, they could always just release or trade him again.

MLB news:

The Athletics signed Trevor May to a one-year $7 million dollar deal. This deal makes May the highest-paid player on the A's! In all seriousness, this is a good move for Oakland as they sign an established reliever who they can trade for a future asset at the deadline.

The Twins signed Joey Gallo to a one-year $11 million dollar deal. Gallo had an abysmal tenure with the Yankees and struggled with the Dodgers after the deadline. He gets a fresh start out of the spotlight in Minnesota. Is it possible he regains his 40+ homer pop? Absolutely. I like this move a lot for the Twins, especially with no shift.

The White Sox signed Andrew Benintendi to a five-year $75 million dollar deal. Prior to the Renfroe trade, Benintendi was a player I figured the Halos would be interested in. The deal is a little rich for my blood, so I'm very satisfied with Renfroe.

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