Angels put final nail in their coffin after getting swept by A's, dropping Cubs set

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

With around three weeks left before the MLB trade deadline, the Los Angeles Angels finally proved without a shadow of a doubt they need to be sellers come July 30. After getting swept by the Oakland Athletics, whose ownership makes Arte Moreno’s look like a picnic in the park, the Angels couldn’t score.

If you take out two innings out of just the last 36 innings the Angels have played before the Cubs series, they have scored four measly runs. And then they scored one total run in their two losses to Chicago.

The return of Brandon Drury has actually made them worse offensively. The starting pitchers for most of these games have been solid, or at least passible. Taylor Ward’s stock is dropping like a stone, and Logan O’Hoppe is still being misutilized in the lineup. O’Hoppe is their best player by a mile and he's not being put him behind Ward to protect him in the lineup? Luis Rengifo, who was leading the league in batting average, wasn’t being put in a position to succeed either before his injury. Ron Washington is too smart for these kind of mistakes, so we don’t think he’s in full control of the lineup.

Washington is known for not changing lineups in the past so players get used to their spot. The idea of putting a guy who didn’t make a major league roster on Opening Day in the cleanup spot is asinine. If you want to keep losing, then tell the fans that is your plan so we don’t have to question your every move. Fans still go to the games, win or lose, because it’s just a thing to do in Orange County in the summertime. Nobody is expecting anything from this franchise.

You lost most fans when you didn’t trade Shohei Ohtani last season. And that was really the final straw, followd by a ton of other poor decisions. Moreno is baseball’s bad guy and we all know it. We just can’t tell if he’s just incompetent or stupid.

There are so many things wrong with this team, the reasons why are literally running out. We can’t think of anything other than we just are terrible. The Angels need to put the roster up for sale in the next few weeks. Tyler Anderson, Taylor Ward, Carlos Estevez, and pretty much anyone not injured or named Nolan Schanuel, Zach Neto, or Logan O’Hoppe should be gone.

We are looking at a potential crucial turning point in the Angels franchise, and probably the first since the creation of the California Angels. Please, “Cowboy,” forgive us. These players and owner are not deserving of your team.