Another exciting Angels team sale update

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels
Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels / John McCoy/GettyImages

Arte Moreno announced last season that he was going to begin exploring a potential sale. This was music to Angels fans' ears as he had been at the root of their issues since taking over as owner in 2003, right after they won the World Series the year prior.

The last update was pretty vague. Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke at the Winter Meetings and said he hopes the Angels finalize the sale by Opening Day. He didn't mention any interested parties or what was going on at the time.

We now have an exciting Angels team sale update.

Will Carroll of Under the Knife posted a tweet on New Year's Eve talking about potential team sales and stadium updates.

This tweet caused a ton of speculation as to who the two teams are. Could Moreno actually pull this off by Opening Day? The answer in the article he wrote, was yes. The Angels appear to be further along in the process than we thought and he expects them to be the first of the two teams sold, and maybe even choose the buyer before Spring Training.

Carroll listed a couple of potential bidders for the Angels. First was Patrick Seong-Shoon, a man who owns part of the Lakers, a hospital system, and the LA Times. He has a net worth of around $10 billion dollars, a big step up from Moreno's $4.1 billion.

Carroll also mentions that a Japanese consortium is funding a group and looking for a front man. He also says at least one minority owner from the Dodgers is leading a group for a bid. There're also some lesser known interested parties who seem more unlikely to actually win this franchise.

The Angels, rightfully, want to choose their new owner very quickly so they can have time to resolve the Shohei Ohtani situation. If ownership is still in flux, the chances are almost zero that he extends here. With a new ownership group in charge, if they offer him half a billion dollars who knows, maybe he'll actually extend. If not, maybe they'll trade him. Risking losing him for nothing is the one thing they absolutely cannot do.

The Angels appear to actually be in the process of selling the club which is what fans really want. We want an owner who wants to do everything in his power to win. Give us West Coast Steve Cohen.

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