Anthony Rendon proved he's secret switch-hitter with lefty bomb for LA Angels

Anthony Rendon, LA Angels
Anthony Rendon, LA Angels / Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Rendon has been having a slow start to this season for the LA Angels, but he may have showcased a certain talent that he's been working on behind-the-scenes.

In Tuesday night's game, Rendon chose to hit lefty in the eighth inning of a 10-0 ballgame with Rays' position player Brett Phillips on the mound. It was the first plate appearance he had ever hit lefty. The rest was history:

It's one thing to get on base in one's first lefty plate appearance, but to go yard is a different story. Of course, this was against a position player, so Rendon may not choose to every bring out the left-handed stance again.

He certainly may choose to bring it out, however, due to him clearly being capable of having power on the other side of the box. A base hit off of a position player would likely not raise Rendon's eyebrows, but a home run--regardless of if a pitcher's throwing, a position player's throwing, or a coach is throwing in batting practice--could intrigue Rendon in taking another crack at it.

LA Angels starting third baseman Anthony Rendon starts his batting practice routine hitting lefty.

According to Michael Kay of ESPN and YES Network, Anthony Rendon starts his batting practice routine while hitting lefty. Clearly, it was for good reason. He is the only player in history to hit a bomb in his only left-handed plate appearance.

If Rendon does choose to switch-hit in the future, it may help him get back on track. Rendon has only hit four total home runs this year, and only driven in 16 runs on the season. Only scoring 11 times, he has a rough .206/.314/.373 (.687 OPS) slash line in 2022.

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Perhaps a change like this would make a difference and break the poor momentum he had on the season up to this point. It certainly did on Tuesday. Hopefully his struggles at the plate were reversed with his unorthodox swing of the bat.